soongsil university / Graduate School of Information Science

2013 spring
culture and technology

Rock the Digital Media



dr. joonsung yoon  <>

office hours: wednesday 13:30 - 16:00 (information science building, room 529 tel.02.820.0718)

time & place: 

wednesday 19:30 - 22:00 (computer science building, room )



This course for graduate students in the graduate school of information science, is an introduction to the general knowledge of digital media with expanding theoretical discourses in terms of culture and technology. Overall scanning of digital media from the early stage to our contemporary will be introduced. Then, New media and new technologies are covered interdisciplinarily considering various topics: hypertext, www, social network, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and computer games. Furthermore, machine-aid, human, public & private, authorship & ownership and open sources will be discussed broadly. Students will practice and reconsider their ideas and thoughts on digital media and leading edged technologies reflecting cultural matters and current issues. Every week students have to follow up given readings, and have to present their own comments and summaries that we can share our understanding and knowledge altogether.Also, the class will be held in several exhibitions to embody the current technological environment. We are not simple sponges that absorb and throw out something as it is, but filtering, digesting and deconstructing entities that consider, build, create and explore our own ideas, works, media and so called knowledges.


*Thanks for Warren Sack, this class material could be made more effectively. Many schedules and material-information are taken by his lecture system.