soongsil university / graduatate school of information technology

2012 fall
introduction to media art: new media and arts



dr. joonsung yoon  <>

office hours: wednesday 14:00 - 16:00 (information science building, room 529)

time & place: 

wednesday 19:30 - 21:50 (westminster building 541)



This class is an introduction to new media approaches to media art with practical examples. Overall scanning of the burgeoning era of media art from mechanical art to computer based interactive art including video art, computer art and net art will be introduced. Then, New media and new technologies are covered for considering aesthetic relationships between traditional art forms and ideas of contemporary art. Students will practice and reconsider their ideas and thoughts on media art and leading edged technologies reflecting cultural matter and current issues. Every week students have to follow up given readings presented by the professor and appointed students.