soongsil university / graduate school the department of Digital Media /

2010 spring
media aesthetics: new media 1740-1915



dr. joonsung yoon  <>

office hours: wednesday 14:00 - 16:00 (information science building, room 529)

time & place: 

tuesday 10:00 - 12:50 (westminster building, room 549)

prerequisite condition media art major or at least 1 previously taken media art related class *no exception


Media aestheticsfor graduate students is an investigation of the new media based on the history with expanding theoretical discourses in depth. New media and new technologies are new, but there have always been new media in our history. We will consider aesthetic relationships between traditional throughts on media and ideas of contemporary media and technology. In particular, this semester's topic is on the history of new media. Students will practice and reconsider their ideas and thoughts on new media and leading edged technologies at the time reflecting cultural matter and current issues. We will combine various knowledges and ideas on new media and technology. Every week students have to follow up given readings presented by the professor and appointed students. By posting comments and summaries to each own blog, we can share our understand and knowledge together. Every week an appointed group with one leader(chair) will have a discussion-session for a given reading.